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Premier Concert Bass Drum 36"x16" 0166W (502220)

Premier Concert Bass Drum 36"x16" 0166W (502220)

36"X16", birch shell with internal beech support hoops, 14 lug design and high-tension die-cast, Include the new premium quality bass drum stand.

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The Premier Orchestral Bass Drum can
be heard in theatres, concert halls,
conservatoires and schools all around the
world. The 36” x 16” birch shell with
internal beech support hoops delivers an
unrivalled, rich and penetra4ng sound. The
14 lug design and high-tension die-cast
brackets enable a comprehensive range of
tuning possibilites. The new premium
quality bass drum stand, specially designed
by Kolberg Percussion, is the perfect
partner to this superla4ve instrument.
Ingeniously designed, the stand clamps the
drum either side, avoiding any superfluous
hardware. The tradisional ‘hoop’ cradle and
‘x’ cradle are both still available ensuring
that the Premier Orchestral Bass Drum is
comfortable to play for all players and any




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