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Musser Marimba M7360 4,3 OCT (504407)

Musser Marimba M7360 4,3 OCT (504407)
Range: 4.3 octaves (A2 to C7), Bars: Kelon (synthetic), Tuning: A-442, Weight: 231 pounds, Length: 81", Height: 35" to 39" (adjustableIncludes mallets and shallow drop cover)

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The versatility of the Classic Grand marimba allows the percussionist to perform in any environment. Wide graduated Kelon bars, a Musser exclusive, deliver superb tone that is highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. This marimba produces a rich mellow sound that carries through the concert hall as well as the football field. 

This version of the Classic Grand model is mounted on an All-Terrain Cart with large 8" Pneumatic wheels. On the field or in the gym, the marimba is the keystone of any front ensemble - This instrument will not only handle any terrain you throw at it, it will sound beautiful while you do it!


Range: 4.3 octaves (A2 to C7)

Bars: Kelon (synthetic)

Tuning: A-442

Weight: 231 pounds

Length: 81"

Height: 35" to 39" (adjustable

Includes mallets and shallow drop cover

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