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Musser Vibraphone M8044 3,0 Oct (504501)

Musser Vibraphone M8044 3,0 Oct (504501)

3 Octave Vibraphone, Heavy Duty All Terrain Cart 10" With Pneumatic Wheels, Silver Burnished Aluminum Bars, 6 Position Heightr Adjustment, 3 Speed Motor.

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The 3-Octave Combo Vibe Produces Exceptional Sound And Performance For Students At A Scaled Down Cost. Silver Burnished Aluminum Bars Are Carefully Tuned, And Aluminum Resonators Are Finished With Silver Powder Coat For Durability And Scratch Resistance. Other Features Include A Tension Adjustable Damper Bar And A Dependable 3 Speed Motor. The Height Adjustable Wood Concert Frame Has Folding Aluminum Legs For Easy Transport. The Combo Vibraphone With The All-Terrain Cart Features 10-Inch Pneumatic Wheels For Smooth Transport Over Rough Terrain. Made Of 1 1⁄2 Inch Square Steel, The Cart Is Height And Length Adjustable. Cover Not Included.

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