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Musser Xylophone M7031 4,0 Oct (504292)

Musser Xylophone M7031 4,0 Oct (504292)

Superb sound, durability, and easy portability make the 4 Octave Windsor II a perfect choice for the touring pro. The attractive price makes it equally perfect for school use. Oblong resonators, finished in satin silver lacquer, give this instrument exceptional carrying power and resonance. The sturdy frame features folding metal legs with dependable locking braces. .


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Range: 49 Notes, 4 Octaves (C3 to C7)
Pitch: A-442
Bars: 1 1/2" Wide, 5/8" Thick Kelon
Height: 32" - 36.5"
Length: 61.5"
Width: Low End 31", High End 12"
Weight: 100 lbs.

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