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Musser Xylophone M47 3,5 Oct (504305)

Musser Xylophone M47 3,5 Oct (504305)

RANGE: 3.5 Octaves-37 Notes - F4 TO C8, BAR SIZES: Length of low note 10-3/4" graduating down to 4-15/16" highest note, WIDTH AND THICKNESS: C5 to C8 1-1/2" wide by 5/8" thick, PITCH: Bars tuned to A-442 Pitch, MATERIAL: Kelon,  FINISH: Black bar lacquer.

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MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy Tubing.
FINISH: Resonators are painted with a gold colored coating
CONSTRUCTION: Braces are 1/8" aluminum riveted to aluminum resonators.
END FRAMES: The frame is made of solid wood and painted to a black finish. The end supports are made of steel tubing and fold for transport. Size: High End 13-1/4" wide, Low End 21-1/2" wide, 45-1/4" long. The M41 is height adjustable from 32-1/2" to 37-3/8" tall. The total weight is approximately 50 lbs.

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