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Musser Xylophone M39 3,0 Oct (504306)

Musser Xylophone M39 3,0 Oct (504306)

Cases and covers are constructed to take the wear and tear of travel and keep instruments safe. Designed with tough, durable materials, padding, metal corners, and heavy duty straps.

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Version Case Only
Name Piccolo
Octave Range 3 Octaves
Note Range C5-C8
Standard Tuning A=442
Option Available A=440 A=445
Bar Material Kelon
Bar Graduation Non-Graduated
Resonators N/A
Resonator Shape N/A
Resonator Finish N/A
Frame Style In Case (No legs)
Must be put on stand or cart
Height Adjustable Frame N/A
Shallow Drop Covers N/A
Case included
OEM Mallets M4 M3
Pro Padded Cover Add-On Option N/A
Lined Dust Cover Add-On Option N/A
Add-On Cases Included
Low End Width 24.5"
High End Width 12.5"
Length 45"


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