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Promak Bass Drum Mallet PSMB5S (522034)

Promak Bass Drum Mallet PSMB5S (522034)

The all-new Performer Series Bass Drum Mallets are made with American Hickory shafts and a special extra-dense felt head with or without soft sythetic fleece cover. A practical choice for any bass line, from beginners to drum corps. The “Comfort Flare” grip makes them easy to hold while the upward taper at the head creates exceptional balance and projection.

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PSMB1S for 14"-18" Bass Drums
PSMB2S for 18"-22" Bass Drums
PSMB3S for 22"-24" Bass Drums
PSMB4S for 24"-28" Bass Drums
PSMB5S for 28"-32" Bass Drums

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