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Premier Marimba 4.3 OCT ROSEWOOD MORV43A2 NL (504822)

Premier Marimba 4.3 OCT ROSEWOOD MORV43A2 NL (504822)
  • Light rosewood note bars
    Graduated width: 54-38mm / Graduated thickness: 25-22mm

  • Note range: A2 – C7

  • Height adjustment: 800-920mm

  • Elegant, silver arched resonators

  • Braked castors

  • Pitch: A=442Hz

  • Frame length: 1770mm / Frame width: 800mm (low end) 350mm (high end)

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The 4.3 octave marimba offers an exceptional choice for professional and student soloists alike. Whether played in a symphonic, percussion, brass or wind ensemble or in theatre shows, musicals or drum corps, the Orchestral Series provides outstanding performance at an affordable price.
An enormously popular model, the 4.3 octave marimba has a range of A2 – C7 and features light rosewood note bars. It’s fully height-adjustable with elegant resonators ensuring impressive sound projection.

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